School Hours

School Hours


Greenmount Primary School office hours are between 8am and 4pm.


Start Times


Classrooms Open:          8.30am

Learning begins:            8.40am

Recess:                         10.50 - 11.10am

Lunch:                          1.10 - 1.50pm

School finishes:             3.00pm (*Early close on Tuesdays at 2.30pm)


Students arriving after 9am are required to obtain a late note from the office.


*On Tuesdays, students finish at 2.30pm to enable staff to engage in collaborative planning and meetings. Supervision is available until 3pm in the library for any students who are unable to be picked up at this time.


Duty of care


Duty of care for students commences at 8.15am and ceases at 3pm.

School administration are on morning duty from 8.15am in the undercover area for all students who arrive before 8.30am.

Clasrooms open at 8.30am for students to get organised for the day.