Student Learning

Greenmount Primary Learning Term 2, 2020

Whether learning from home or returning to school, your decision as a parent or caregiver is fully supported by the staff at Greenmount Primary School. In either situation, learning will be teacher directed and cover planned content in accordance with Western Australian curriculum and our school operational planning.

Learning from Home

Our school will follow the directives and guidelines provided by the Department of Education. Online learning will look different from class to class. It will also look different from student to student (depending on their home learning situation). Our school is flexible in its approach to online learning and considerate of all members involved. For those students unable to access online learning, hardcopy packages will be provided. Please contact the school if you require work packages.


The online platform that our school will use to deliver online learning experiences is Connect. More information about Connect can be found in the attached What is Connect document.

Student Connect

Currently all students can login to their Connect account using their school login and password. Directions for this are attached in the Connect Access for Students document. Further instructions on how to navigate Connect are in the attached Connect Student Guide.

Parent and Caregivers Connect

All parents and caregivers listed as their child’s first contact will be registered by the end of Week 1 of Term 2 if they have not yet already been registered. Please contact the school if a second contact needs to be registered and these arrangements will be made.

Once registered, you will receive an email from the Department of Education. Please follow the prompts to create your log-in for Connect. If your child is learning from home, it is essential that parents have a Connect log-in. Attached is a Step by Step Connect Guide for Parents to help you when logging in.

When using Connect parents are agreeing to the attached Connect Conditions of Use for Parents (attached). Each time a parent or student logs into Connect, they will tick a box indicating that they have read this document and agree to comply.

In addition to the Connect Conditions of Use for Parents, our school would like for online learning families to follow our school norms when accessing Connect. These include:

  • Any contact with the teacher is made during school hours.

  • Teachers of students from Years K-3 will only reply to emails from parents and caregivers. We ask that students do not email their teacher.

  • Teachers of students from Years 4-6 will reply to emails from students and parents. Teachers will cc parents into all replies to students.

  • All students are not permitted to email each other. If your child receives an email from another student, please notify school Administration.


Some of our classes will also be using an online video meeting platform, supported by the Department of Education, called Webex. The use of this platform will vary from class to class, and in some cases, may not be used at all. In the case where Webex is not used, a ‘check-in’ phone call will be made to students learning from home.

Teachers using Webex will notify parents and caregivers at least a day before the meeting takes place. A notification will be placed on Connect by the teacher. The notification will contain the time of the Webex meeting and a link that will take your child directly to their meeting. All Webex meetings will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. A link with the recorded Webex meeting will be uploaded onto Connect.

Due to variables such as bandwith, computer performance, specifications etc, Webex video conferencing may not always be successful. We ask that if your child is involved in a Webex conference call, you pre-empt any possible technical issues. Possible issues include:

  • If you are using a desktop computer and monitor, you need to ensure that you have speakers. Microphones and cameras are preferred but not necessary as the teacher will be speaking.

  • You will need your volume turned up to hear your teacher.

  • Running other internet applications such as Netflix, Stan and Prime on other devices (including your television) at the same time may affect the quality of the conference.

  • You may have your camera in your laptop disabled, ensure that you enable it through settings.

Like Connect, our school has developed norms around the use of Webex. These include:

  • Parents or caregivers must be present during online Webex meetings.

  • Students engaging in Webex meetings need to be suitably dressed and ready to learn as if in a classroom setting.

  • Teachers may choose to mute all participating students’ microphones or turn off their video cameras. In this case, please leave these functions off.

  • Teachers may choose to take a student out of the meeting if they are not abiding by the norms.

Greenmount Primary School team has been working hard to ensure the continuity of learning for their students. Like our students, our teachers are all in different stages of learning Connect and Webex. We appreciate that parents and caregivers are patient and understanding as we endeavour to support our students learning.

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