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Room 10




For the first term of 2018, the Year 3’s of Room 10 have been learning about having a Growth Mindset. We have viewed the Class Dojo series about Growth Mindset and have learned some exciting things.



Neuroscientists have studied the brain and discovered that the brain is like a muscle. We have learned that when you try challenging things you give your brain the exercise it needs to get stronger, which makes us smarter.



We celebrate mistakes in our class because they help us learn. Some people give up when they make mistakes; they think that making mistakes means that they are not smart so they stop trying. When you stop trying your brain gets lazy and does not get the exercise it needs to grow. In our class we focus on learning from our mistakes. We love seeing what we have done wrong so we can learn how to do it better next time.



Room 10 have discussed how Greenmount Primary School’s learning dispositions will help us have a growth mindset. We completed a Y-chart on the first disposition ‘engaged’ and worked in groups discussing what it means to look like, sound like and feel like an engaged learner.



We have growth mindset leaves in the class that help us stay on track and fight the fixed mindset.